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Welcome to yOni.

wondrous vulva puppetyOni is the most utterly feminine part of woman, mysterious and hidden, soft, receptive and embracing. In the ancient languages the word for yOni also means 'sacred place'.

Barbara Gordon Walker writes in her excellent book "A Womans Dictionary of Signs and Symbols" ( see the yOni booklist)

"The sign of the yOni was meant to convey the shape of the external female genitalia, which the ancients clearly recognised as the seat of female sexual power. Tantrics viewed that power as the source of all creative action. Far from describing female sexuality as "passive" in the Western manner, Tantric Hindus regarded female orgasm as the energizing principle of the universe." is a celebration and exploration of the many faces of the Feminine. We offers articles on a wide range of subjects. Topics include mothering, intuition, sexuality, menstruation, shamanism, aging and much more. We feature profiles of women who are experts in their fields, wisdom from our elders, sections on erotica, creativity and music. There are interactive discussion forums, an on-going book list, a sharing circle and links to a wide variety of other resources for women on the Internet. The magazine also acts as a vehicle for women to share their creative work with the world and we are happy to present some very beautiful art work in our galleries, short stories, prose and poems by women and girls. yOni also offers exposure for products and resources for women (and men) reclaiming their feminine power.

Women today often find that to 'compete' and 'succeed', they have to act like men. This can be at the expense of their feminine nature, at the expense of their intuition, their feelings and their creativity. This was my experience. A successful computer professional, I was proud of the fact that I could hold my own in a 'man's world'. I had no idea that there was a whole part of me that I rarely listened to, never explored. The Byron Bay area which I have made my home is a creative cauldron, an incredibly fertile environment which has attracted a huge number of very talented people. It is also a place which is particularly empowering for women. Since arriving here I have been on a path of discovery of my feminine. It has been a wonderful journey and one which I want to share. I have created yOni as a vehicle for women and men to offer their understandings and experiences about the feminine and to express their creativity.

Your input to yOni is welcome. It is a place to learn, to share your truth, express your dreams and experiences, your fears and your hopes, with the goal of creating understanding, wholeness and union of the masculine and feminine within and without us. In sharing our experience much healing is possible.

It is important to me that men feel welcome and included. I experience the feminine principle as energy quite independent of our body's gender.
I welcome both men and women into this exploration.

I also feel it important to acknowledge the immense healing that I have experienced in the safety of a group made up only of women. It is an unfortunate legacy of the centuries of patriarchy that the feeling of sisterhood amongst women has been eroded. We no longer learn the mysteries of the feminine from our mothers and grandmothers, from our sisters, aunts and the elder women of our tribe. We do not learn to celebrate our bodies, our sensuality, our blood, our fecundity. We are not taught to flow with the rhythm of our emotional feeling body nor to access and to trust our deep well of intuitive knowing. We have forgotten how to feel, watch and listen to the great mother Gaia. We blame man and we have forgotten how to love man.

I believe that some of the wounds of the feminine need a sacred circle of women in sisterhood to heal them. I would like to encourage all women to find a gathering of sisters with whom they can meet, to create a safe space to share, learn, dream, and explore the essence of that feminine principle that we embody. I see these circles as a valuable but temporary separation of those in a feminine body from those in a masculine body, a stepping stone to union, to the harmony of man and women meeting and being together in wholeness.

If you enjoy what you find, feel free to to use our address or logo as a link on your site. Please write about us, talk about us and tell the people you know about us.

Welcome to this exploration of the feminine...

....please dive in.

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