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crone ~ wise woman ~ elder

At the time of menopause, the pause of the flow of the menses, the Sacred Blood of Wisdom is finally retained inside the body and the woman herself can partake of its Wisdom. At this time, in older societies, she becomes known as crone or hag, words whose original meaning is 'wise one', revered elder of the circle.

We have lost our respect for the wisdom and understanding of age. yOni would like to contribute to re-establishing a reverence and appreciation for the elders in our society and to learn from these wise ones.

Crone Contents:

  • Visions of a Dreamer’s incomparable wisdom - an interview with ‘tsanti Maria Yraceburu Dreamer of Quero Tlish Diyan by Joe Montoya
  • More than just a journey to another country, the 2009 Mother India tour with wise woman Atmo Meyer will take you to the depths of the mystery of life.
  • Dark Mother - A journey into darkness - 'birthing, dying, all is as it is'- by Trinda
  • Ushering in the Sacred Feminine - Shekinah Morgan speaks so eloquently about Women's Sprituality and the importance of respecting our cyclical nature in this article taken from her address at the 2006 Goddess Conference
  • Embracing the Crone - Layah Bennan writes about her work facilitating 'a celebration of the restoration of a woman to herself'
  • Heart Mother Crone - a song in honour of Innana the Crone by the Voices of Gaia
  • Letters to yOni - yOni receives many letters seeking support or information related to the feminine. As both questions and answers may be of value to other readers we offer them here with responses from yOni's beloved "crone in residence"
  • Signs of menopause - a comprehensive list compiled by the women of the Menopause mailing list
  • Menopause Support - yOni's ongoing discussion board where women can share their experiences of menopause, their concerns and their insights.
  • Estrogen: The wonder drug of our generation? - This article explores the pros and cons of taking estrogen to counter the effects of menopause.
  • The Truth about HgH - Is Human Growth Hormone really the Fountain of Youth?

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  • Menopause: A Women's Rite of Passage - The first in a series of articles on this important change in a woman's life.
  • Wisdom of the Elders:
    There is much to be learnt from the elders of the indigenous peoples around the world.~ The Australian aboriginal people have lived in harmony with their land for many thousands of years. Nganyinytja, an elder of the Pitjantjatjara people of Central Australia invites women and men from all over the world to come and learn her wisdom and her law.
  • Peace in my aloneness - Wet season days in the rainforest by Sagarpriya
  • Death
    Much of our disrespect for our elders can be traced to our fear of death.
    • An electronic tribute. ~ This page is a memorial to a beloved friend, Damini.
    • Facing Death - Embracing Life looks at the possibility of overcoming this fear and using the knowledge of the inevitability of Death to live life more fully. An article by Nirado Griffin.
    • 'Beloved of my Heart' is a beautiful series of poems written by a woman as her lover lay dying and in the days that followed.

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Crone Links:

  • A friend indeed - a newsletter that provides information and support to women in menopause and mid-life. It is a respected source of understandable and reliable information about the menopausal transition, independent of any vested interests.
  • has a some useful information on natural supplements for menopause. Click on the healing center and then menopause
  • Crone Chronicles - a quarterly magazine by and for those who wish to move through the aging process in a conscious manner.
  • is a the website of the The North American Menopause Society, a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting women's health during midlife and beyond through an understanding of menopause

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