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about her debut CD
Letting Go

"The inspiration for this album was born at a time when I was strongly exploring the depths and mysteries of the feminine. Initially I was going to call the album "Under the Moon" but as time went on the recurring theme in my life has become "Letting Go". To me letting go means allowing rather than controlling. It means release from the bond of attachment - whether it be to a person, place, possession or an idea of how a life situation should be. The key element required here is trust - a trust of the heart - a trust that is also rooted in the earth.

Letting go of the romantic dream has been a recurring theme for me. Several of the songs were written about that. I know the delusion of dreaming about the other - how that can create attachment and a projection that the source of the love is somewhere outside of me. Yet, at the same time, I want to allow the wonderful, expansive feeling of being "in love". There's a fine line between indulging and allowing. As I go deeper that yearning for intimacy becomes the longing for the divine love, for union with God. That's what "Passion in my Heart" is all about.

Another aspect of letting go is letting go of my idea of perfection - trying to get it right. In "War against Life" I'm singing about having high ideals and then beating myself when I don't live up to those standards. Hence the war inside. The chorus is about self love.
"Calling you home again to find the love inside, I will leave open the gate and I'll meet you in the garden ".
I was singing that to myself. The second verse is about letting go of the 'shoulds' I impose upon myself. I'm very wary when that word arises. Sometimes I push myself to take risks when I see the potential of feeling more alive and going beyond fear but there's a deadness and drudgery in 'shoulds', certainly not much joy.

In the recording of the vocals I wanted to use a timbre of my voice that felt soothing to the heart. I wanted the music to have "soft edges", to give a feeling of warmth. It was a great pleasure working with so many talented musicians. Kit Walker assisted me with much of the groundwork and the rich tones of Paul McCandless' French horn and oboe give such a depth to the music. Many thanks to the other musicians who include Mark Karan, Terry Miller, Govi, Kamal and Bill Hendrickson.

I live by a river in the rain forest. My whole life I've felt very attuned to nature, and this reflects in my lyrics. I get a lot of inspiration walking or sitting down by the river. I'll hear the instrumentation of a piece of music that I'm writing or a missing lyric will finally fall into place. Mostly the lyrics come from singing gibberish along with a melody until words come and then I piece it all together like a jigsaw puzzle. Often the content of a song is a surprise to me. "

Letting Go is available for purchase on-line (US$ 25). You can hear sound samples from the CD, read some of the lyrics or find out more about Jalalo from her on-line bio.

Yes I would like to order a copy of Jalalo's CD for US$25 Go

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