Silk Screen Fabrics
- by Jude Kenny

Jude Kenny currently offers a range of silk screen fabric designs which can be purchased as fabric lengths, by the metre, or ready made into cushion covers, doona/duvet covers, pillowcases, and tights/leggings.

Jude's products can be ordered on-line through yOni.

Fabrics by the metre

Judes fabrics are currently available in four colour-ways

Desert fire (reds/oranges/purple)

US$ 35 per metre

Ocean waves (blues/greens/purple)

US$ 35 per metre

Katajuta (reds/oranges/turquoise)

US$ 30 per metre

Purnalula (multicoloured)

US$ 35 per metre

All fabrics are 150 cm wide except Katajuta which is 120 cm

The fabrics are also available with Jude's fabulous "Gaianude" image handpainted on each print. For the "Gaianude" add US $45 per nude.

"Gaianude" on Ocean Waves fabric

(Click to see larger image)


Doona/Duvet Covers

Single, double, Queen or King size Doona/Duvet covers are available in Desert Fire, Katajuta, Ocean waves, Blue Mountain and Purnalula. Queen and King size covers are also available with the "Gaianude" design in Desert fire, Katajuta and Ocean waves.

Plain prints:



To order Jude's fabrics or products click here

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