Questions for you to think or write about.

These questions are designed for girls and young women reading or hearing the story. But, whatever your age, if the story has touched you in any way, reflecting on them can be very valuable.

What was the best part of the story for you?
Would you like to live on a community like this one? What do you think some of the advantages of being on land and living together with other people would be?
If you don't know, find out how your parents met? How they came to be having you as their daughter? Find out about your birth?
How do you allow yourself to connect with nature, the seasons, the moon and the cycles within your own body? Share these stories with others, either in words or in story.Write about your own first Menstrual cycle if you’ve had one. What was it like? Do you remember anything special about it?
Did you sense your ‘time’ coming? What was that like?
How did the people around you celebrate your Menarche? How were you welcomed? If you didn’t have a celebration then, could you create one for yourself now? It’s never too late to ‘reclaim’ those lost rituals.
If you could have your ‘time’ again, how would you celebrate your Menarche?
Do you like the idea of taking time out in the Woman’s House? What do you think the benefits would be to you?
Find books about cycles - menstrual, moon, seasonal and create special times, within them, for yourself and your friends.
Keep a record of your own Menstrual Cycle so that you can be more connected to it, and later more responsible for your fertility. Connect with your body and listen to her wisdom, she will teach you much on your Journey towards the wise woman ‘Crone’.
Go and find two or three women you know and feel interested in and ask them to tell you HERSTORY. Find out about her life, children and the place and times she was raised in. Begin the process of mapping out women’s lives and creating SisterWeb stories for yourself.
What do you need/want to develop in yourself as girl or woman in order to best create the kind of life you want?

Suggestion: Create women’s circles for yourself and other women and girls to share and acknowledge each other. To celebrate the moon-times and yourself. There is great power in this. Invite older wiser, women into your circle to share of their understanding of life and it’s Mystery.


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