Lessons in Living From
Extraordinary Women

inspirational stories by Beverly West and Nancy Peake

Since time began women have been called upon to provide vast stores of quiet strength, faithful endurance, and sometimes downright unmitigated gall. Women have braved battles, saved the souls of nations, scaled mountains, traveled in outer space, and through it all, still managed to get meals on the table. They have faced great personal hardship and endured; they have stayed true to their beliefs even when those beliefs cost them their lives; they have risen from the ashes, and through a thousand small, caring gestures, have provided the world with a solid and necessary foundation of unconditional love.

Lessons in Living From Extraordinary Women uses specific anecdotes rather than vague affirmations to teach us that great things can happen in our everyday lives if we, like the extraordinary women of character in the column, have the courage to do what we think is right. We hope that these lessons in living from extraordinary women who rejected the limitations of their time and circumstance, and insisted upon defining themselves, will inspire readers to transcend the limitations of their own lives and realize their own, extraordinary individuality and internal strength of character.

We would love to hear your comments about extraordinary women who have influenced your lives for the better. Please contact us with your stories.

The women, and their lessons

The authors

Beverly and Nancy are freelance authors living in Manhattan.

Their books include; Meditations for Men Who Do Next to Nothing and Would Like to Do Even Less (Warner Books, 1994), currently in its fourth printing; How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time on Five Dollars a Day (Adams Media, 1995) featured on Talk Soup; Frankly Scarlett, I Do Give a Damn, Classic Romances Retold, (HarperCollins, 1996); Cocktail Nation, Rituals of Release for the Jaded and Refined which is out now from Berkley Books, and Cinematherapy; A Girls' Guide to Movies For Every Mood which is due out next spring from Bantam Doubleday Dell.


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